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Neat x TiNDLE: There's a New Chick in Town

Neat x TiNDLE: There's a New Chick in Town

 Neat Burger is thrilled to be joining forces with the plant-based pioneers at TiNDLE. Say hello to TiNDLE Chick'n, now a star at all Neat Burger locations throughout London, featured on some of our fave menu items.

The partnership was launched in style at Neat Burger Soho where, we dished out 150 Sweet Chicks, our new specialty featuring the new patty, rocket, grilled onion and sweet maple mustard mayo! 


TiNDLE Foods: Why they’re the chosen ones

We chose TiNDLE because of their commitment to innovation, taste, and texture that's remarkably chicken-like, without the cluck. Their approach to creating plant-based chicken that doesn't just mimic meat, but tastes even better! We truly believe their Chick’n is the best in the biz! 

TiNDLE's dedication to food tech mirrors our own, making this partnership a natural fit for Neat Burger's. We're all about developing unique flavours, innovative products using plant based products. Alongside TiNDLE's, we're serving up a future that's kinder and greener without compromising on flavour. 

Why Vegan Chicken is a Win-Win for You and the Earth 

Here's the deal: opting for plant-based alternatives like TiNDLE can positively impact your wellbeing and the planet's longevity. The meat free patty is designed to be high in protein, free from antibiotics and hormones, and have a significantly lower carbon footprint than traditional poultry. 

According to Blue Horizon's 2020 “Environmental Impacts Of Animal And Plant-Based Food” report, TiNDLE's plant-based chicken triumphs over traditional chicken in sustainability metrics: 

  • 74% less land – TiNDLE takes a fraction of the space to produce, preserving natural habitats and biodiversity. 
  • 88% lower greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) – Every TiNDLE Chick'n patty is a breath of fresh air for our warming planet. 
  • 82% less water – With water scarcity a pressing issue, TiNDLE's process significantly reduces water usage. 


 To sum it up: The best chicken burgers in London

Basically, what we’re trying to say is, if you’re looking for the best chicken burgers in London, look no further than Neat Burger. Our TiNDLE Chick'n offerings are not just satisfying your hunger; they're making MOVES for the people and the planet. With a range of options from the Sweet Chick to the Hot Chick’n + Cheez, and from the crispy sandwiches to wraps and salads, there's something for everyone. These dishes are making a splash in the plant-based world and setting the bar for sustainable dining in London