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Good Morning NYC! It's Brunch Time, Baby 🍳

Good Morning NYC! It's Brunch Time, Baby 🍳

Wake up and smell the plant-based bacon! We’re so excited to launch a brand new brunch menu, the perfect planet friendly feast to kickstart your morning! Say goodbye to soggy cereal and hello sausage muffins, chocolate pancakes (and much, much more!) every Saturday and Sunday from 11 AM to 3 PM. 

So what’s on the menu? Let’s get into our faves: 

  • 🌯 Breakfast Burrito with JUST Egg: Wrapped in a warm tortilla with Eggs, cheese, sausage or bacon, tots, onion pepper mix 
  • 🥞 tbh Hazelnut Pancakes: Enjoy fluffy pancakes with a twist, drizzled in creamy tbh hazelnut spread  
  • 🥩 Vegan Steak and Eggs with chunk foods and Yo Egg: Chunk™ Steak served with sunny side up Yo Egg, Neat Potato’s. 
  • 🍔 Sausage, Egg and Cheez with TiNDLE Foods: TiNDLE sausage, Just Egg, Cheese & Hash brown 

Alfresco Dining in NYC: Nolita

Yes, that's right. We have actual outdoor seating, in an actual backyard! Yep, we’re pretty lucky right?! Now open for business, this super cool space offers the perfect urban retreat to enjoy your plant-based feast. It's our new fave spot, an intimate escape where the concrete jungle meets a little bit of nature.

Partnering for a Better Planet 

Our commitment to sustainability and ethical eating isn't just about what we do, but the partners we choose! Here's some of our fave plant powered legends contributing to Neat Burger’s vision of a greener world: 

Just Egg: 

The way they fluff, the way they scramble, the way they make breakfast worth waking up for. We especially love how they’re healthier and even taste better when they’re made from plants. 
Yes, we said it. The best eggs don’t come from chickens; they come from plants. And delicious eggs might just fix our planet! 
Just Egg have separated the egg from the bird to end the unsustainable mass production of one of the world’s most common foods. Because the industrialised egg system sucks for our bodies, for the earth and, let’s be honest, it’s not a party for the birds either. 
But eating really good eggs in all their irresistible ooey, gooey forms doesn’t suck. It’s one of life’s great pleasures. So is making a better world. Good thing we can do both at the same time. CHECK 'EM OUT

Chunk Foods: 

Chunk™ is changing the meat industry. 

Our mission is to make delicious, nutritious, plant-based whole cuts that are kind to the environment, and accessible to all. Their first target is beef, but pork, lamb, and poultry are next on the list.. 

Solid State Fermentation: Theor technology combines novelty and tradition. It enables the creation of any texture, nutritional profile, and appearance with minimal waste. 

Clean Label: Chunk’s products are minimally processed and use just a handful of healthy, recognisable ingredients, that’s it. Pretty neat, right? 

Large-scale Production; Finally, Chunk seem to be on a relentless quest to outcompete animal agriculture on price, scale and efficiency – that's what we like to hear 


Yo Egg: 

We use The Sunny One: the world’s first plant-based, fried egg. 100% Plant Based, 0%  Cholesterol, 100% Fun.  This egg is the making of some seriously clever food scientists who are fighting the good fight against the industrialised egg system. 


TiNDLE are on a mission to make saving the planet easy by creating delicious and sustainable foods from plants. We use their sausage patty in our brunch Tasty, versatile, and satisfying – your first bite will leave you wanting for more! READ UP HERE.


Founded by Stranger Things star, Noah Schnapp, TBH's nostalgic blend is better for you and better for the planet. tbh tastes like hazelnuts, with 50% less sugar and 3x more protein than the leading brand, and it's 100% vegan with zero palm oil. This makes your daily snack more delicious, healthy, and better for our planet. 
Let's spread the good stuff: tbh helps you by reducing your daily sugar consumption, increasing your daily protein intake, and commits to taking action on the deforestation caused by palm oil. 


Join us at Neat Burger NYC for a brunch that’s bound to become the highlight of your weekend! Whether you’re a long-time vegan or simply curious about plant-based dining, our backyard doors are open, inviting you to experience the joy of food that feels good and does good. It’s brunch time, baby, and we can’t wait to serve you.