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Neat Burger x Overheated: August 2023 🍔

Neat Burger x Overheated: August 2023 🍔

A proud food partner at Overheated ✨

On 30 August, the Neat squad spent an unforgettable afternoon serving our sustainably delicious vegan burgers to the 600+ eco-warriors at Overheated. 

This fantastic initiative took place at Flippers London, a roller skating and music venue in Westfield Shepherds Bush. All attendees were passionately determined to bring about positive change to the world and break the ice on some difficult (but very important!) conversations about global warming! It’s safe to say, it was a proud moment when we were chosen to represent the plant based foodscape by being selected as the catering partner for the event. 

Our planet is getting Overheated 🌍

In today's rapidly changing climate landscape, it's not enough to just go with the flow. We can all have an impact! We've said it before and we'll say it again: if many people make small changes, it can make a big difference! Particularly when it comes to choosing what clothes and food we buy. 

What is Overheated? 

Overheated is more than just an event; it's a movement; a platform that brings together some key climate clever cloggs from all different industries and backgrounds to discuss the impact of fashion and food on the environment. 

By providing a space for these individuals to share their unique perspectives, insights, and solutions, it was an opportunity to spark lively debates, stir up eco-friendly fun, and brew up some fresh, planet-saving ideas together! 

The most recent edition saw an epic lineup of speakers, each contributing their distinctive voice and top tips to the conversation: 

  • Billie Eilish: An international music sensation, Billie is not just known for her hits but also her commitment to the environment through her interest in shopping second hand and plant based lifestyle. 
  • Maggie Baird: Maggie Baird (aka Billie's Mom!) is an American actress and screenwriter who founded Support and Feed - a non-profit charitable organisation that provides nourishing, plant-based meals to people experiencing food insecurity.
  • Abbie McCarthy: The TV and Radio presenter who hosted the Overheated event for the second year in a row.
  • Samata Pattinson: Recognised as a Cultural Sustainability Pioneer, Samata is a British born Ghanaian entrepreneur working across fashion and media. Samata is passionate about cultural sustainability and connecting the dots between people, communities and the planet.
  • Robbie Lockie: Robbie Lockie, is a prominent figure in the global vegan movement and co-founder of Plant Based News - a leading source of all things vegan!
  • Tori Tsui: Tori Tsui is a Bristol-based climate activist, speaker and consultant from Hong Kong. She is the co-founder of the space Bad Activist Collective and a member of the climate coalition Unite For Climate Action.
  • Wawa Gatheru: Wawa Gatheru is a climate storyteller. In 2019, Wawa made history as the first Black person in history to receive the Rhodes, Truman, and Udall scholarships.
  • Dominique Palmer: Dominique Palmer FRSA is a British climate justice activist and student. She spoke at 2019 United Nations Climate Change Conference, beginning her activism as one of the UK's leading environmentalists and youth activist in the School Strike for Climate Movement.

With such a powerful line up of voices, there's no doubt that the event left its attendees feeling more informed, inspired, and ready to take action! Let's do this 💪🏽

Support and Feed: The charity partner with a familiar mission

Let's face it – our planet's facing some serious heat. But it's not just about acknowledging the problems; it's about rolling up our sleeves and doing something about it. Cue the drumroll for Support and Feed! As the charity partner for the Overheated event, their mission is about creating an equal plant-based food system food during times of food insecurity and the climate crisis!

And just like us here at Neat Burger, they don’t half harp on about the benefits of plant based diets to the planet, the animals and the people. We’re extremely proud to be Overheated supporters alongside them and we’re excited to continue to work with Support and Feed in the future!  

So, what are the benefits of going plant based? 🌱

Plant based for the planet

We're facing global environmental challenges, and a key culprit? Animal agriculture, of course. This industry is a major player behind issues like climate change, deforestation, and pollution. Beyond that, the antibiotic use in factory farming poses threats to human health by promoting antibiotic resistance - scary stuff.

However, the plant-based movement offers hope for a greener future. These diets require less water, are more land-efficient, and lead to lower greenhouse gas emissions. Plus, they're champions for our planet's biodiversity. 

Joining forces with initiatives like Support and Feed, we're all in on promoting plant-based foods. They're nutritious, eco-friendly, and a step towards a healthier planet. Choosing plant-based isn’t just good for you; it's a vote for a sustainable future. 

 Plant based for animals  

Every year, billions of animals are raised in confinement, often in some seriously awful conditions, only to be processed for food. By choosing vegan, we actively decide to remove ourselves from a system that subjects animals to unnecessary suffering! 

By opting for a vegan meal (or better still, a full-blown vegan lifestyle!)  we’re taking a stand against inhumane practices and sending a clear message: animals are not commodities, but deserve our compassion! 

Plant based for health 

Choosing a diet enriched with veggies, legumes and seeds doesn’t just taste great, but does great too! This includes drastically reducing the risk of many chronic ailments: from heart diseases, diabetes, certain cancers to gastrointestinal and autoimmune conditions. 

Plant based for the people  

When we talk about plant-based eating, it's not just a trend; it's a response to some seriously big challenges. Food systems, as they stand, often favour the few and leave many behind, leading to issues like food insecurity. Add to that the impact of these systems on the environment 

Many communities, especially marginalised ones, bear the brunt of climate change and its effects. Whether it's irregular weather, harming crops or lands getting eroded, it's often those with the least that are hit the hardest. 

But here's the good news: switching to plant-based diets can be part of the solution! It's a straightforward way to push back against both environmental damage and unfair food systems.  

Looking back at Overheated 👀

Our day at Overheated was one we won't forget! We've left feeling inspired and ready to take action. It wasn't just about serving our burgers (although they do represent some of the very best in plant based diets!), but about being part of a bigger mission. Listening to plant powered heroes like Billie Eilish and other prominent speakers has given us even more motivation to create some lasting change in the food industry. 

A big shoutout to everyone who was involved in the event (from the guests, the speakers to those working behind the scenes) and to our heroic Neat squad for their hard work in the lead up and on the day! ONE TEAM ONE DREAM. 💥