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Office lunches are on | Neat corporate catering

Office lunches are on | Neat corporate catering

Looking for an office lunch delivery in London? Fuel your team the best way!

In today's fast-paced business environment, the demand for quick, healthy, and convenient dining options is more important than ever.  Lunch times are, in our opinion, the most important part of the day. Not only do you get the opportunity to gossip with Katie from accounts, flirt with Mark from sales, or scroll through TikTok while munching on a sandwich, it's an opportunity to refuel, recharge, and reconnect. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our new corporate ordering menu, designed to seamlessly bring plant-based deliciousness right to your office door. Plus, why not reduce your carbon footprint while you're at it.

Healthy corporate catering: salad, sandwiches and better burgers.

Why should you choose Neat for your team?

Healthier Choices: At Neat, we're committed to offering banging meals that are also good for you and the planet. Our menu features all plant-based ingredients, providing a perfect mix of nutritious and satisfying dishes without the traditional fast food guilt. Fresher is better, am I right?!

Convenience at Its Best: We know how valuable your time is. With our easy-to-use online ordering platform via Just Eat for Business and Feedr, arranging a meal for your team has never been easier. Whether it's a small team lunch or a large corporate event, our system is designed to handle it all with just a few clicks.

Catering to Dietary Needs: We pride ourselves on inclusivity and our menu is crafted to cater to various dietary preferences and restrictions. Obviously, we're meat and dairy free, but we're also a nut free zone and can offer free-from gluten options for those with a no-wheat preference or are intolerant.

Why we're better: fuel your team up the plant powered way.

Looking to reduce your company's carbon footprint? Choosing a plant powered meal for your team (whether they're vegan or not!), it's a great way lower your impact on the the planet. But how?

Plant based diets use less water:

Only 2.5% of the water on earth is freshwater, most of which is found in the ground or in glaciers. Drinking water is very limited, but the meat and dairy industries use up huge amounts. The average person on a meat and dairy diet indirectly consumes around 900 gallons of water per day more than a vegan. That’s just under 300 bathtubs.

Reduces the impact on wildlife:

To create space for farm animals and the crops they eat, precious forests and other habitats are being destroyed – the equivalent of 27 football fields per minute! With nowhere to live, many wild animal species are going extinct. Choosing a plant based diet for one month saves the equivalent land if we filled Neat Soho, Camden and Victoria full of forest. 

Reduces your carbon emissions:

Not only does deforestation release harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere, the reduction in the number of trees to absorb the gas means that climate change is accelerating at an alarming rate. On top of this, meat and dairy production creates way more carbon emissions than plant-based alternatives (not to mention the billions of gallons of methane produced by cows every day!). An Oxford University study found that veganism is the ‘single biggest way’ to reduce our impact on the planet. You could eat 6 Neat Burgers for the same CO2 impact you could eat 1 from Mcdonalds.

Benefits of ordering a Neat office lunch:

  • Boost Morale and Productivity: A delicious, high-quality meal can boost team morale and increase productivity. It's a simple way to show your team that you care about their well-being.

  • Flexibility: Our corporate ordering system is flexible, we have so many options to choose from. From individual meals, to big bundles of sandwiches, salads, burgers and sides,

  • Sustainability: By choosing Neat you're also making a choice that benefits the environment. Our sustainable, plant-based meals reduce your carbon footprint while still tasting delicious.

Ready to order? Head to Just Eat for Business or Feedr today!