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your favourite plant based powerhouse serving the classics, made naturally neater.

Our menu | better, fresher, full of flavour

Our menu | better, fresher, full of flavour

Neat's new menu filled with good mood food

At Neat, we're excited to roll out our fresh, revamped menu featuring all the freshness and even more flavour. While our beloved classics remain (don't panic!) we've introduced some irresistible new dishes that will make even the most stubborn meathead give it a go. 

Using new recipes we make from scratch, and cleaner ingredients sourced from partners we trust, we've developed a new varied menu that includes something for every occasion: a quick lunch with your colleagues, date night with bae or some late night munch before a night on the town. 

It might be in with the new, but it's not just out with the old...

Our better burgers

Our burger selection has always been the heart of Neat's menu, and we're thrilled to enhance it with some some improvements and a banging new addition. While our crowd favourites continue to please, including the iconic Neat Burger and the crispy Chick’n Sandwich!), we've introduced a new patty AND a new burger as part of the menu revamp. 

The new signature shroom and bean patty is rich in plant-based proteins, dietary fibre and essential nutrients, while being low in saturated fats. these contribute to heart health, digestive well-being, and overall balanced nutrition. Ingredients include oyster mushroom, pea protein, chickpeas, mung beans, white onion and quinoa.

The new patty is Veggie Crunch features yet another new veg-packed patty made with chickpeas and spinach, that's as nutritious as it is delicious. It's loaded with zucchini shoestring fritti, vine ripe tomato, red onion, cilantro-chipotle sauce and green goddess aioli.

The best sandwiches in London? Oh yeah.

We've released two new artisan ciabattas takes the spotlight, each served on a handmade, 100% organic ciabatta roll. Each one is hand-made by Celtic Bakers using just 3 simple ingredients: flour, salt, water.

The flour is sourced from Shipton Mill, family-owned business, who are renowned for growing, harvesting and milling with regenerative farming practices, natural biodiversity and great flavour at the forefront.

On the menu, you'll find our Grilled Chick'n & Basil Pesto featuring a grilled chick'n fillet, fresh avocado, vine ripe tomato, garden rocket, vegan feta, red onion, green-garlic aioli and whole leaf basil pesto. You'll also find the Italian Pepper & Stracciatella ciabatta, with its slow-roasted bell peppers, zucchini fritti, balsamic glaze, rocket and creamy plant based stracciatella from our friends at Julienne Bruno.

Loaded, saucy salads: packed with flavour, filled with veg. 

Our super salads are a testament to our commitment to offering nutritious, flavorful options that energise and invigorate. The Chopped Seasonal Supergreens salad is a vibrant mix of greens, veggies, and feta, dressed in a delightful balsamic and chipotle dressing. For a Middle Eastern touch, the Spiced Market Falafel salad combines housemade falafel with fresh veggies and a duo (of dreams!) of tzatziki and spiced hummus. The Chick’n Kale Caesar is a new protein-packed fave, featuring grilled chick'n and a rich and creamy Caesar dressing. Each salad is carefully crafted to have a holistically nutritious profile and being seriously cravable every single day.

Good mood food at it's finest

At Neat, we believe in the power of good food to bring people together. Our new menu reflects our passion for crafting dishes that are innovative, delicious, and made with care. Whether you're in the mood for a comforting burger, a loaded ciabatta, or a refreshing salad, Neat is your one stop shop for all things tasty.